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Roofing in Plano, TX

We can meet all your roofing needs with our expert hands!

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    Here at 23rd Avenue Restoration and Roofing, we are always prepared to take care of your house and walk you throughout the entire process of roof repair, replacement, or inspection services. Our roofing experts are well-experienced and licensed to give you a better understanding and imagination of what needs to be done with your roof and why. We expect to work closely with homeowners and business owners to show them the progress of the project in each step. However, each project has a unique side of it that requires expert hands to be taken care of. With that being said, we ensure personal care and quality workmanship that you surely expect from a local roofing company in Plano, TX.

    23rd Ave Restorations roofers are specialized in all kinds of residential and commercial applications from new roof installation to replacement of existing ones. Even small leak repairs are treated with a personal touch.

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    Our Residential and Commercial Roofing Services

    Because we are one of the biggest roofing and restoration company in Texas providing our services in most of the cities, it is our specialty to offer both residential and commercial roofing services. We can customize the budget for each individual project and handle it with the same amount of care and personal touch.

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    Residential Roofing

    23rd Ave Restorations offers roofing services to your home/residence. Whether it is a leakage or a total roof replacement, we got you covered. Other than Plano, we serve in Fort Worth, Lubbock, Arlington, Austin, Houston, and all other surrounding communities.

    Commercial Roofing

    Do you need roofing services for commercial purposes in Plano, TX? We are a reliable roofing company that can give you quality service in your office. Ask for estimation is all you need to do and we are going to take care of the rest.

    Shingles Roof Repair & Replacement

    A broken shingle is never good for the appearance as well as the condition of your roof. All you need is a roofing company in Plano, TX like ours to come and inspect to tell you what needs to be done. We offer roof repairs to fix damaged shingles and leaks so your property doesn’t get affected by further structural damage.

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    23rd Ave Restorations Roofing Services

    We serve all kinds of roofing customers in the entire Plano, TX area. From repairing a damaged roof to total replacement, our experts have the experience to do them all.

    Roof Repair

    Repairing jobs are fairly easy as it involves leakage, storm damage, etc. You can count on us for your roofing repair services at an affordable price.

    Roof Replacement

    Our experts can install a new roof on your house or office as per your requirements. We make it happen in a way that ensures a long-lasting roof.

    Gutter Installation

    Our gutter installation helps the water get away from your property as soon as possible so that your home is protected during the rain.

    Gutter Replacement

    Maybe the old gutter is not enough to drain the water away from your home. Call us to get a new gutter installed within a short notice.

    Leak Repairs

    A simple leak can damage other structures in your home including your house items. We provide leak repair to save you from total replacement.

    Shingles Repair

    Damaged Shingles get worse over time that can lead to leaks and structural damage. Call us for repairing your home’s damaged shingles.

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    Why Choose Us?

    We have been helping homeowners and business owners of Plano, TX and it’s surrounding areas recover from the damage done by storms and other disasters using our unique roofing solutions. Our services cover a wide range of restoration services from small repairs to total replacement jobs. Call us for any kind of damage restoration needs for your roof as well as your home and office.

    A lot of experience in our team has gathered confidence in ourselves to cater to all of your roofing and restoration needs. Quality craftsmanship is the thing we are looking forward to serving you with. Our workers are able to go to your property as fast as possible and take care of the thing in your roof that’s been bothering you or causing you trouble. Trust us and we will make sure there are no disappointments from your side!

    We’re Different from other Plano Roofing Contractors

    It’s not about the competitors but we’ve been around in the roofing industry for a while and our clients speak nothing but good words for our services. We believe that reputation is improved only by providing the service that the customer wants and trying to give more than that. It has been a pleasure serving Plano, TX residents, and commercial property owners for all these years and so we look forward to doing more. 

    One of the reasons why we are confident in what we do is our customized services that allow us to handle each project individually. We don’t do boilerplate estimations. That’s why a roofing contractor will go to your property and inspect before we quote.

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