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Mold Remediation Fort Worth

We are a full-service Mold Inspection and Removal Company in Dallas/Fort Worth.

Our Mold Remediation Services in Dallas/Forth Worth

In 23rd Avenue Restorations and Roofing, we have local mold removal contractors who are experts in all kinds of inspection and remediation jobs. Part of the reason is the years of experience and training they have. Regardless of the size of the project, we can handle any kind of mold situation. We are looking forward to responding to your call if you need mold removal services in Fort Worth and it’s neighboring areas.
It’s our 24×7 service that allows us to respond to your call rapidly-in an hour. While we are currently working for many residential and commercial properties in Forth Worth, TX, we are expanding and waiting to do more. Our job is to help you enjoy a clean and safe home or an office with a healthy environment by getting rid of all the mold problems.

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    Why Should You Choose Us?

    Comprehensive Mold Removal

    We deal with any mold growth or mold-damaged spot as if it were in our own property. 23rd Ave Restoration’s experts are using the latest technology for a long time to detect both mold and the moisture source that helps it expand.

    Good Communication

    Our mold contractors and workers keep you and your insurance agent up to date at every step of our cleanup process. This benefits everyone and make them clear about what to expect from us and the amount of progress we make.

    State-of-the-art technology

    Our mold remediation Fort Worth contractors first identify the source and root of the problem. This allows us to work with care and professional touch to rescue the damaged areas in your property and take it back to normal.

    Licensed Contractors

    We ensure safety before anything else. Therefore, 23rd Avenue Restoration and Roofing technicians are thoroughly screened, professionally decorated, and exceptionally qualified to remediate water and mold damage.

    Rely on Our Professional Mold Remediation Experts

    Your home or office is never the same if mold growth takes place. We understand the suffering and harm it can cause. So, don’t waste one more moment and get started with us.

    Why Is Fort Worth Mold Remediation important?

    We all know mold infestation has been a big issue in Forth Worth due to the warm and humid climate. Additionally, being one of the most flood-prone areas is also a trigger for a mold outbreak. So, if your home is affected by flood or moisture retention, molds are likely to grow. You may not even notice but they are growing for weeks perhaps.
    Molds can cause serious health problems and damage your property as well. For houses and commercial properties, it is important to get rid of them immediately.
    Hence, if you have suffered water damage or storm damage, it is essential to do a thorough mold inspection right after getting rid of the standing water. You must do it in order to stop the outbreak.


    Mold Remediation Pricing in Fort Worth

    Although the price depends on the size of your project, typically mold removal jobs, you can expect they can be around $900, and sometimes over that. There are companies who come up with a single quote while we can give you multiple ones that will be easy for you to compare.
    However, companies with extremely low prices are likely to make a mess out of their jobs because there is a decent price range for mold removal in Fort Worth. Our workers are licensed, so you can rely on our quality services.
    You must keep in mind that the professional mold experts have high overhead costs that factor into their asking price.

    Mold Remediation Experts In Fort Worth

    Our Personal Touch and Professionalism

    Molds can be really harmful to your home and family. So, to save your family from going through all the trouble, you need a professional mold removal service in Fort Worth like us to do the job for you.
    With 23rd Avenue Restorations and Roofing, you are getting a team of good professionals who can clean your house after an inspection, sanitize it, and remove all the unpleasant odor caused by the mold to ensure your home is in normal state.
    We also offer services to commercial properties. Project size is never a matter of concern to us. We handle all projects with equal care.

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